New Partnerships

It may sound like circular reasoning, but the success behind our network has always been the network. Our brand as we know it today has grown exponentially not only because of our group of Digital Marketing Consultants, but because of the incredible teams we’ve partnered with as well.
This network of partnerships has enabled us to team up with the best of the best in the digital realm. From PPC experts, to videographers, to copywriters or analytics gurus, the connections we’ve made in this crazy, competitive and ever-changing industry has enabled us to serve our clients with nothing less than stellar digital solutions. So I’m happy to be highlighting two of the newest partners we’ve welcomed into the WSI marketplace.

SoMedia Networks

The SoMedia team officially joined the WSI Global eMarketplace back in September of this year. And with this partnership, WSI’s clients can easily incorporate video content into the mix in efforts to enhance brand awareness and engage their customer base. SoMedia’s Scalable Video platform will give our clients on-demand video production in unlimited volume, with free hosting, custom video players and real-time video analytics. To read more about the new partnership, click here to view the official SoMedia press release.


This month we welcomed BigCommerce in our eMarketplace network and their name pretty much says it all: they’re all about eCommerce and they do it in a big way. This partnership is perfect for our clients who are looking to differentiate their digital storefronts. With this platform, we’ll be better equipped to help retailers of any size to launch, promote, manage and scale a successful online store, along with responsive themes, order processing, mobile commerce and comprehensive analytics. To read more about the new partnership, click here to view the official BigCommerce press release.