Cultivating Coders Initiative Being Spearheaded Out of New Mexico

NEW MEXICO, USA. October 31, 2016 –Jukka Jumisko, a WSI Consultant in New Mexico has partnered with Cultivating Coders to help bring coding classes to the rural, tribal and inner-city areas where resources regarding this type of training are non-existent. Jukka quickly recognized a need to provide those who had completed the training with an opportunity for real-life employment. Experienced in running Exxon/Mobil information technology in Finland, and managing an $80 million business in New York, Jukka is giving his time and knowledge to grow the Cultivating Coders organization and help develop the processes that are needed to service customers from other states and in Canada.
Learning To Code
Learning To Code
Commented Jukka Jumisko, WSI Consultant and Cultivating Coders, Contributor “We believe that the work done by our coders should not go to waste, so we identify businesses and non-profit companies in the community that could benefit from all of the web development our coders produce. By helping local companies with large web application development projects, we’ve opened up opportunities of employment for our coders.”
Equally, as a global network of Digital Marketing Agencies who provide digital solutions to businesses, WSI is also well positioned to create further employment opportunities for graduates of Cultivating Coders’ program.
Said Co-Founder and CEO of WSI, Mark Dobson. “WSI is very committed to social responsibility and this initiative allows us to improve the well-being of others through further real-life employment opportunities. It’s great to see Jukka, partnered with Cultivating Coders, providing additional opportunities within New Mexico, and giving anyone the resources to become a coder. As a global network, we see the opportunity to broaden this sort of social outreach to other communities with similar social economic conditions.”
For more information on the partnership between WSI and Cultivating Coders, or to learn more about the program itself, please contact Jukka Jumisko directly at 505-333-8816.

About Cultivating Coders:

Cultivating Coders offers an eight week boot camp-style training program, the class sizes are small and intimate but intense. The course focuses on web application development fundamentals and technical training in a host of other web development technologies that prepares each student to be a junior level web developer upon graduation. At the end of the course, graduates will have web knowledge in Node.js, Angular, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, iOS and Android Development starting in 2017. Currently, out of the 55 coders who have completed this course, half are Navajo women.  For more information about Cultivating Coders, please visit their website: or

About WSI:

WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants with its head office in Toronto, Canada. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels. In 2016, WSI received 7 Standard of Excellence Awards at the Annual WebAwards Competition organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA). With the support and cooperation of its customers, Consultant network, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aims to help make child poverty history through its global outreach program
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