For over 38 years, Sunfresh Food Service, Inc. has been providing Pittsburgh area grocers, commissaries, institutions, and restaurateurs with some of the finest fresh and local fruit, vegetables, herbs, juices and dairy products on the market. Unfortunately, though the company’s impeccably maintained trucks excelled in fast, fresh delivery, their online presence was missing in action due to name inconsistencies that had the area produce supplier lost in transit.

Sunfresh Food Service Inc.
Known for its commitment to food safety by maintaining its Primus GFS Certification, the family-owned company has most recently branched off from its restaurant supplies heritage, adding to its extensive inventory to provide some of the finest wine making supplies to area craft winemakers. Sourced from growers and available for order by phone, online and warehouse, produce products available through Sunfresh Food Services, Inc. are perfectly matched products to purchase needs, by their friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Concerned for their upstanding reputation and the possibility of lost business and unsure how to rectify the online naming inconsistencies that had the company lost in the search engine shuffle, Sunfresh Food Service, Inc. turned to the digital marketing experts at WSI, looking for the same personal touch and expert attention they provide to their own customers. WSI was happy to oblige, working to rectify the name discrepancies and deliver higher rankings for the produce wholesaler.
Further boosting the web presence of Sunfresh Food Service, Inc., WSI also conducted a light website refresh, making the site responsive and SEO friendly to help the restaurant supply company remain competitive in today’s mobile technology driven economy before the Local SEO campaign was launched. Website content was optimized with selected keywords, which were also used in a blogging campaign through Google+, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly, respectively, further increasing their online exposure.
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