Stay Top of Mind, Make More Sales

Even if you have an awesome website with great design, engaging content and a flawless user experience, the majority of people will visit once and never return. That’s a fact beyond your control. But what you can do is slightly increase the small percentage of people who will return to your site, and maybe boost your overall conversion rate. Remarketing and targeted display ads should help you do both of those things in the following ways:
  • Keep In Contact: since most consumers go through multiple interactions with a brand before buying something, you need a way to stay in touch with your audience. Remarketing enables you to keep the conversation going with potentially interested customers, which allows you to stay connected while they conduct their research. This goes a long way to persuading them to come back to you to make their final purchase. 
  • Increase Conversions: being able to serve meaningful ads to your customers at just the right time can significantly increase your website’s conversion rate. Remarketing gives you the insight to identify things that are preventing sales, and then deliver messages that help customers get past their perceived barriers to purchase. Doing this while consumers are still in their buying process is powerful and effective. 
  • Get More For Less: display advertising is one of the most economical methods for supporting your digital marketing message beyond your website and improving your brand’s awareness. Remarketing using paid models (per click or per impression) will give you increased and more meaningful exposure than other advertising methods – and at a lower cost! 
We’ve only skimmed the surface of what display advertising and remarketing can do for your business. For more guidance on how to take advantage of targeted remarketing or to start putting together an advanced display advertising campaign, get in touch with a local WSI Consultant today!