Parenting Partners Inc, an Illinois Surrogacy Agency located in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, has chosen WSI Digital Marketing for an SEO project to enhance the company’s visibility and prominence on the internet. Parenting Partners Inc in Illinois, is a much smaller, more personalized, and more affordable surrogate mother agency offering individualized and personal services to intended parents and surrogate mothers. The firm can assist with the process of gestational surrogacy, which uses In Vitro Fertilization to create an embryo using the eggs from the prospective mother (or donor) and the sperm from the father (or donor) that is then implanted in a surrogate.

The agency, located in Gurnee, Illinois, has been in business since 1999, and finds itself in an increasingly competitive market with much larger surrogacy agencies who are driving up the costs of surrogacy for intended parents and offering less personalized assistance to those in need of those surrogate services. But all surrogate agencies are not alike. The director of Parenting Partners, Inc. is a parent through surrogacy and is also a surrogacy educator, writer, speaker, legislative activist and advocate. She is also very understanding of the needs of surrogate mothers and of the needs of the intended parents of a surrogate baby and works directly with all the parties. They have successfully helped guide and create many new families through surrogacy.
WSI, a global leader in digital marketing services, was engaged to assist Parenting Partners Inc to improve online visibility to better serve local communities in and around the Chicago area. WSI uses advanced digital marketing strategies to assist clients to achieve their organizational goals online. As a global company assisting companies engaged in different industries, WSI brings experience and a knowledge base to more effectively serve clients in local markets.
The project will start with the optimization of their website, which will be optimized for their market with WSI’s on-page optimization process which includes SEO page level strategy and implementation, as well as project management and auditing the optimized pages. The on-page efforts alone should generate more organic searches to the site than ever before.
The next step in the local search optimization will be the off-page optimization. In addition to citation building, WSI will be expanding Parenting Partners Inc online presence online through an ongoing blogging effort. These high quality blog posts will be syndicated to Google+, TumblrWordPress, Weebly, ISSUU, and Blogger and together these efforts are expected to drive them up in the local search rankings.
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