Not sure where to begin with email marketing? Start with these simple concepts to get used to your audience and you’ll gain momentum before you know it:

  • Keep It Simple: this one is twofold. Keep it simple with your message and your process. Make it as easy as possible for users to subscribe to your list (and don’t be afraid to ask them often, either). You should also keep your content fairly straightforward, especially when you’re starting out. Deliver what you know will work and begin expanding and experimenting once you’ve established your newsletter’s value.
  • Get Creative: if there’s one area of your email campaigns that can make all the difference in the world, it’s your headlines. Test and agonize over every headline you write. Practice headlines for emails you haven’t even written yet. Getting good at delivering emails with creative headlines is extremely valuable to your campaigns.
  • Build Trust: sending an email does not guarantee that your message is read. When it comes to getting your list to actually read your emails, trust is vital. People are much more likely to read emails that they a) have asked for and b) are expecting. Asking for proper consent and sticking to a schedule are great ways to build trust with your email audience.

We’ve only touched on the basics of creating a sustained and engaging email marketing campaign for your business. For further information and guidance on your email marketing campaigns and strategy, get in touch with us today!