Be a Master of Social Selling

The Selling Process 
While it may seem like a daunting task, getting into a daily social selling routine is relatively simple. It just takes 30 to 60 minutes a day and a lot of practice, patience and determination. To get you started, here’s a look at our framework for a social selling routine:
  • Choose platforms: do some poking around and try to determine which social platforms are most popular in your market. Pick two to start – you can’t afford to be overwhelmed or discouraged. Get acclimated to the social environments of each platform and set up and optimize your profiles.
  • Research and share: one of the keys to social media is sharing the right stuff. Don’t just share the first article you find and never share something you haven’t completely read. Do your research and only recommend posts and articles that you truly believe bring value and enrichment to your potential customers.
  • Connect: whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ it’s easy to see who is engaging with you socially. So ensure that you connect, follow, add or circle anybody that seems interested and, you know, be social!
  • Measure and follow-up: an upside to social selling is that every social platform is easy to use, no matter your location or device. This means you can cut down on speed-to-lead time by quickly engaging with people who share your content and immediately responding to messages and inquiries, even while you’re on the go.  
This has simply been a brief outline as to why you need to consider social selling and how you can get started. Dedicated social selling is becoming more important to keeping up with the competition and meeting your sales goals. For further information or guidance on how to better understand and develop a social selling strategy, get in touch with us today!