Since 1920, von Hemert Interiors has built a reputation for prestige and elegance in the furniture business providing discerning clientele with access to the leading luxury furniture brands.  Their team of experienced and professional interior designers along with their excellent customer service has been the foundation in their success for almost 90 years.   Over the last few years, von Hemert has used digital marketing to grow their business solely focusing on pay-per-click advertisement

Recently to complement their PPC efforts, von Hemert partnered with WSI to grow their organic visibility and online prominence in search. After extensive keyword research, the following 10 keywords were chosen to start their campaign:

Luxury Furniture   

Interior Designers and Decorator 

Italian Furniture Store  

Hancock and Moore Furniture  

Stickley Furniture  

Luxury Living Room Furniture  

Marge Carson Furniture  

Century Furniture  

Furniture Upholstery   

Their website went through a thorough on-page optimization for these keywords with focus on the following pages:

Currently, WSI is expanding von Hemert Interiors online presence with monthly off-page optimization using extensive link building and ongoing blogging efforts.  These high-quality blogs posts will be syndicated to Google+,Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger which is expected to drive their search rankings improvements.  Social media posts are also being integrated in the campaign using FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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