SEO is hard – there’s no two ways about it. Since the major search engines – like Google and Bing – are always changing the algorithms that determine search result page rankings, it’s often tough for companies to get any SEO traction. But perhaps traction is the wrong goal. If SEO is a moving target, then it makes sense to become more adaptable with your SEO strategy.
Think about it like this: if you’re on a long road trip and find yourself stuck in traffic, do you veer off course just so you can feel like you’re moving, or do you stick it out in case it’s a minor accident that will clear out in 5 minutes? Generally, going off course to find a “short-cut” is a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down, and that’s certainly the case with SEO. Google’s constant updating of its algorithm is proof any short term gains from dicey tactics will result in long-term penalties.
So the question is, if you’re overwhelmed and confused, what can you do about your SEO strategy? For starters, we’ve written an eBook called How to Rethink SEO With WSI’s AdaptiveSEO™. In the eBook, we’ll walk you through how to recover from, and then keep pace with, Google and its flurry of algorithm updates. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, we’ll introduce you to the WSI’s AdaptiveSEO™ Methodology, which is literally our entire gameplan for how SEO should be conducted in 2015 and beyond.
Yeah, we’ve got your back!
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