With the recent introduction of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms, the importance of quality content is now more relevant than ever. Is your business geared to conform to the new standards in content marketing? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Align Your Business Goals with Google’s: Google’s goal is easy and effective search. Toward its goal, Google will continue to adjust its algorithms to deliver more valuable and original content to search users. Therefore, your goal in content marketing should be to develop effective content that is deserving of a superior ranking and adds value to your customers.
  • Employ a Media Mix: Sometimes users want more than just text and images, no matter how exceptional the content may be. That’s why video and streaming visual content makes for a great addition. Correctly implemented, it can engage your target audiences and move them into taking positive actions.
  • Solve the User’s Problems: In e-commerce, online stores are often designed as digital product shelves, functioning on the premise that customers only want to buy a product and without regard to the myriad of questions that customers may have. Offer your products with detailed information and buying guides. Solve the customer’s problems, and they’ll be glad to purchase from you.  Compel them to collect haphazard details without direction and they’ll get confused or frustrated and leave.
  • Devise A Long Term Content Strategy: Link building increases search engine visibility, but not necessarily lead generation. Content, however, can drive targeted traffic and increase sales. Focus on a long term content strategy and let link building become a roadmap to meaningful, shareable content.