Managing Your Social Media Relationships Is Vital to Your Business 

There’s No “I” In Team
A few years ago, you might have heard people say “social media is useless” or “Twitter and Facebook are just fads” and then casually go about their days. These individuals may have even been marketers or high-ranking members of big companies. Oh, don’t worry; we’re not on a witch-hunt or anything. We aren’t looking for the names of the poor souls who have been ignoring social media while it has changed they way we, as a society, conduct our business. They’ve punished themselves enough.
The truth is, companies and beleaguered marketers tried to ignore social media because it was new and confusing; they didn’t know how to use it for business and it seemed difficult to figure out, so they secretly hoped it’d go away. Instead, social media grew and prospered. There have been millions of dollars spent on social ads, IPOs launched, and hundreds of incredible social media campaigns to prove that social media is here to stay. Except it’s a much different beast than it was even a few years ago.
These days, brands and business are expected to have vibrant social media presences on all the major platforms. Not only that, but they’re expected to engage with customers in real time. That’s a bit of exaggeration for effect, but still, studies show that 1 in 4 Facebook and Twitter users believes companies should reply to their complaints on social media within one hour. The majority of the time when a customer’s expectations aren’t met, a sale does not follow.
Seriously, an hour? That’s not much time, especially when you’re trying to, I don’t know, do your job or run your business!


Even the score with social relationship management
We understand. Social media is tough, time consuming and just plain difficult to manage, especially across multiple platforms. Enter social relationship management. The concepts, tools and strategies of social relationship management enable you to more effectively manage your social media presences. For marketing departments (and even small businesses willing to outsource and collaborate), social media relationship management empowers you to manage your social relationships within a team. By sharing the load, your team will be able to engage more often, respond to inquires and complaints in less time, and have more fun with social media. Without sacrificing your brand’s identity or automating tasks that depend on real human emotion, social media will immediately become an easier and more efficient marketing channel.


Marketing Stats
Social Media Response Rates, Times Dip as User Engagement Explodes 
* User engagement, such as messages that required a response or attention, was growing 9 times as fast as Twitter and Facebook combined
* September 2013 polling by Adobe found that nearly three-quarters of US marketers thought customer response management on digital channels was important

* 6% of survey respondents said customer response management would be one of the most important digital marketing areas in the next 3 years
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