Digital Marketing In 2015

December is usually a polarized month for businesses. If you’re in retail, things are hectic; for the majority of other businesses, December often slows to a crawl. This article is aimed at those of you ducking out of the office to do Christmas shopping, and generally spending December with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. Christmas is awesome, but there will be time enough to celebrate. You know it’s going to be slow, so instead of dwelling on a lack of business, why not take an introspective look at 2014 and couple it with a peek into the future
Be honest in your self-assessment. Did your business execute on its digital marketing strategy in 2014? What worked and what didn’t? What steps can you take in order to do better marketing in 2015? 
At WSI, 2014 was all about helping businesses and marketers do things the right way. The digital space is complex because there’s more than one way to execute a strategy or tactic. In 2014, we focused on teaching people how to avoid common marketing mistakes and take advantage of tactics that could launch them ahead of their competitors. 
We believe that if you tuned in for our monthly videos, webinars, whitepapers and blog posts, you are in great shape to do exceptional digital marketing in 2015. However, in case you missed our best stuff, here’s a quick rundown of the top digital marketing mistakes to avoid and some resolutions you can actually stick to for the coming year. 
Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: 


Marketing Stats
Online-Only Stores the Most Popular Holiday Shopping Venue Among Affluents: 
* 71% cite Amazon and eBay the online-only shopping venue of choice.
* 76% of baby boomers polled select online-only stores as their choice shopping venue 
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